Levi Johnston Is “Pretty Sure” Sarah Palin Knew He Was Doing Her Daughter

Oh damn, Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s ex and baby daddy, is on The Tyra Show right now and he and his family are spillin’ the beans! TyTy, of course, wants to assure everyone that this is a legitimate interview — that Levi and his family are not being paid to appear. Duh, you know they picked Tyra to talk to over Oprah or Barbara Walters because Levi’s sister is probably a big fan. Above, Levi says he’s pretty sure that Sarah Palin knew he and Bristol were gettin’ it on, then assures Tyra that he and Bristol were having safe sex. Well, most of the time. Is it weird that I am oddly attracted to the cute dummy? Another clip, after the jump… In the clip below, Levi explains that the reason he isn’t able to see baby Tripp as often as he’d like because Bristol hates his sister Mercede (who later said it’s because Levi once dated some of her friends and Bristol doesn’t want those girls around her son). Mercede, you may recall, is that lil’ trouble maker who posted all that suspicious stuff on her MySpace during the pregnancy. Levi also, somewhat adorably, explains his Bristol tattoo. Ugh, this girl boner is so awkward.