A Blogger-Commenter Union Gives Us Hope

Since a lot of us spend our free time updating our Facebook status, Tweeting, reblogging Tumblr posts, and keeping up with the world online, it can be hard to connect with people in real life. But from time to time, online activity can lead to relationships with real, live humans. On Sunday, the New York Times profiled a blogger-commenter romance in the Style Section. True love comes to those who comment! Ann Althouse, 58, a law professor and blogger is engaged to a man who often commented on her blog under the name “Meade.” Laurence Meade, 55, happened upon Althouse’s blog four years ago, and was driven to post witty comments because he developed a crush on her.

Meade finally sent Althouse a private message in December, to no avail. Then, in response to one of her posts, he asked her out again — and she responded saying he would have to meet her in Madison, WI, where she lives. Meade drove 10 hours to take her to dinner and a movie. They kept in touch, and spent more time together over the next few months. Two weeks ago, Meade proposed (announcing that Althouse had said yes in a comment, of course) and his fellow commenters went wild: “Couldn’t be happier for two people I’ve never met!”

Now, do any of you commenters want to date one of The Frisky gals? [NY Times]