Dating Weary? How A Matchmaker Can Help

Ten years ago, former New York fashion model and girl about town Christie Nightingale was looking for a career change. She’d always done well at parties, was an ace at networking and had successfully set up several friends on dates. She clearly had the skills to be a matchmaker, but it wasn’t until a bona fide cupid family member encouraged her to investigate the field that she began to see it as a professional option for herself.Nightingale paid a visit to said family member to master the ins and outs of the matchmaking business. Then she brought her newfound knowledge back to New York—where there were many services to assist daters (franchised dating services, internet sites, etc.), but very few matchmakers, aside from those who served very specific ethnic and religious groups.

Thus was born her matchmaking company, Premier Match. Attracting clients almost from day one, Premier Match has since successfully matched thousands of eligible singles from a wide variety of backgrounds, opened additional offices (two in the U.S. and a partnering service abroad), and won Nightingale the reputation of a respected relationship expert; she regularly dispenses advice on television and in print.

What has Nightingale learned from her decade of matchmaking? What do singles get from a matchmaker that they don’t get elsewhere? And what do her clients have to teach the rest of us about love? YourTango spoke with Nightingale.

Who are your typical clients?

My clients are professionals. They all seem to have an undergraduate degree. And three-fourths of them have graduate degrees. Doctors, attorneys, lawyers, business owners, CEO types—those who want the attention, have the money to invest in the attention and just want it done right. We’re focused on people who are really ready, and want a long-term relationship and marriage.

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