Michelle Obama’s Stylish Euro Road Trip

michelle obama buckingham palace c jpg
Bonnie Fuller needs to take a chill pill. The editrix has declared Michelle Obama’s Euro Trip style “a fashion DUD” and “WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.” For starters, there’s way better methods of adding emphasis than using all caps. Also, Bonnie Fuller shouldn’t throw stones from glass houses. I worked in the same office space as Fuller for over a year. Whenever I saw her, she was decked out in the finest threads (paid for by her exorbinate salary), but she always looked like she’d been playing dress up in her grandmother’s closet. Fuller’s style lacked ease and confidence, which, whether you love Michelle’s outfits or not, the First Lady always has. But anyhoo, I think Mrs. Obama’s style has rocked during her first trip to Europe (with her husband, the Prez, of course). Check out her looks and judge for yourself…
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