Vasectomies Are Selling Like Hot Cakes

The rich get richer and the poor get babies. Well, not anymore! These tough times aren’t gonna stop hardworking American men, just their sperm. According to CNN, the recession is responsible for a rise in the number of vasectomies and urologists are cashing in by sealing vas deferens!
Both Dr. Stephen Jones in Cleveland and Dr. Marc Goldstein in New York have seen the gonad-nippin’ procedures double in demand since the stock market crash in October. Dr. Ted Denderev, who started, has been able to increase local doctor appointments nationwide by 30 percent so far this year.

In Austin, TX, they’re even having their own March Man-ness special, except instead of basketballs, they’re, you know, handling the real kind. The “Vas-Madness” promotion is a hit with broke bros facing job loss. “I can’t count on my hands, in the last three months, the number of times someone has said they’re about to lose their insurance and ask me to squeeze them in,” said dick doc, Bryan Kansas.

Sure, the reason for the increase in vasectomies may be poor, but no matter who the economy is screwing, at least men across the country are taking responsibility for birth control. Now that’s change we can believe in! [CNN]