“Project Runway” Is Finally Coming To Lifetime, But Do You Still Care About Klum & Co.?

After nearly a year of wondering when and on what channel we’d next see our beloved “Project Runway,” the companies involved have reached a settlement, and the show will make Lifetime its new home beginning with the sixth season this summer.

During the first five seasons of PR, we basically lived for the show. One time, I had it in my head that the show was going to be on at 9 p.m., not 10 p.m., and had to stay at the gym for an extra hour because I didn’t want to miss part of the episode when it finally came on (at its usual time, or course) by leaving to go home. But now that “Project Runway” is coming back, I’m not excited. All of this waiting has caused my interest to wane, and the show started getting a little lame toward the end anyway, with challenges being repeated from past seasons and each episode having an overabundance of sponsorships that distracted us from the actual business of making clothes. Without Bravo behind the show, will it still be as well-produced and edited? And what about how Marie Claire (Nina Garcia’s new gig) as the magazine partner? It certainly doesn’t have the same cache as Elle.

To fill the hole left by “Project Runway,” Bravo now has “The Fashion Show,” with Isaac Mizhrahi, Kelly Rowland, and Fern Mallis as the judges of somewhat-established contestants from the fashion industry. Really, the only thing “Project Runway” still has going for it are Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. The two of them are just the cutest, and while we’re pretty sure Mizrahi is going to have some good catchphrases, there is no way Rowland can replace Klum and her adorable accent. [WWD]