Beauty How-To: Self Tan Fair Skin

When you want to go from pale to bronze, it is easier to turn yourself orange than it is to successfully self-tan. With our tips for getting a sun-kissed glow in your own bathroom, you’ll never fear looking like an oompa loompa again!Prepare Your Skin
Exfoliate your skin so that it is smooth and even, and get all of your shaving out of the way. Scrubs and blades can remove self-tanner in an an awkward way.

Pat Yourself Down
You need to apply your self-tanner to dry skin. Instead of scrubbing yourself dry, pat yourself down with a clean towel. Remove all the extra water droplets from your body.

Rub Down
Before applying your self-tanning product to your fair skin, give your it some moisture. Use a non-scented lotion and moisturize your entire body. Be liberal, but don’t overdo it. Dab off excess lotion with your towel if you need to.

Spray Down
Apply your self-tanning product. If you have chosen a spray, stand on a towel away from walls. Make even sprays across your body, starting with your upper torso. For lotion users, you should start with your legs and work your way up.

Wipe the Excess
Use a warm washcloth to remove any product from between your toes and fingers. This will keep you from getting those annoying orange rings.

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