Beauty How-To: Keep Bronzer From Ruining Your Clothes

We use heels to look taller, spanx to look thinner, and bronzer to look tanner. But the easiest way to blow your tanning cover is with a sand-colored smudge on your sleeve or collar. Say buh-bye to the days of bronzer-stained clothing, after the jump.Take Your Time:
If you’re rushing bronzer application, you’re bound to over-dose and smear clothes.

Apply Bronzer at Home or in a Spa:
Try not to bronze on-the-go. At home you can wear ratty old t shirts, and a spa is always a safe place to tan with the experts.

Allow Bronzer to Dry Completely:
IF you are using a liquid bronzer, the bottle should tell you how long to wait before you can change clothes. Wait for the product to dry.

Do Not Wear Light-Colored Clothing:
A white tops is going to put your makeup skidmark on display. Makeup smudges aren’t as noticeable on darker clothing.

Treat Stains Immediately:
If you notice a stain, treat it immediately. Use some soap or laundry detergent before you wait to put it in the wash or bring it to the cleaners.

Treat Stain with Peroxide, then Glycerin:
If soap isn’t removing the stain, try treating it with peroxide. If that doesn’t work, treat the stain with glycerin. Glycerin is used to make soap and can be found in many craft stores.

Launder Your Clothes, but Don’t Dry!:
Launder your clothes after treating the stains. Do not dry the clothing until you are 100 percent certain that the stains are removed. If the stains are not removed, you can try treating again or take it to a professional dry-cleaner.

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