Would You Rock: Zombie High Heels?

I love ‘em. Would I rock ‘em? I’m not so sure. UK retailer Iron Fist offers these Zombie Stomper Platform Peep-Toes for £44.99 or around $90. The day-glo green and hot pink whomper-stompers come with a 4-1/2-inch heel plus a 1-inch platform, so they’re not for the shy, dainty, or wobbly. Over the peep-toe, there’s a zombie’s row of exposed teeth and the side of the shoe features a crazed zombie eyeball — all of which is countered by the neat black bow near the heel, if you like to look flirty while you eat human flesh. Or, as the website puts it, “Perfect for stompin’ on zombies … and men’s hearts.” These blue babylon heels are pretty freak, too. So, would you rock ‘em? [Boing Boing]