Ask The Astrosexologist: Does My Makeout Partner Want Something More?

I’m very much attracted to a guy who happens to have the same birthday as me (9/11/84 @ 6:30 pm, don’t know his time). After two drunken makeout sessions, I’m very confused because he has been running hot and cold with me for the past two months. We’re friends and I can’t figure out if he’s afraid to make a move for the sake of the friendship or if he’s not interested. I can’t help but think that it’s significant that we share the same birthday, but am I reading too much into it? – Confused Yes, you are reading into it, but with a Virgo sun and Pisces rising, it’s not surprising that you do tend to over analyze and romanticize your emotions, hoping that a miracle will happen, when in most cases they won’t. The bottom line with love is that you have to go on the information you have. bite the bullet, and go for the direct approach. A few drunken makeout sessions are not substantial enough to hold onto — but do realize they were opportunities to make a move and if he were into it, even just slightly, there would have been some sort of action to follow that — which, again, likely means your answer he’s not interested. Sorry.

However, you’ve got yourself an Aries moon, which means you have the powers to bounce back to the top from any situation when you think in terms of your ego. This will put you in perfect alignment with Mars in Pisces, which is happening now in your first house — which means the universe if giving you all the oomph you need to get back on the horse and ride to better options. Plus, for Virgos, there are major transits happening in your house of romance, as this year is the start of getting more structure in your love life — like setting boundaries for yourself and ideas you want fulfilled. Summer is your best time for serious love and though it’s a little far off, think of the time before summer as the precursor period to perfect your game.

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