Top 10 Sexting Acronyms For Adults recently posted a list of 50 sexting/IM acronyms every parent of teenagers should know. The list included acronyms like the always romantic “DUM” (“Do you masturbate?”), “FMLTWIA” (“F*** me like the whore I am”), and “IMEWZRU” (“I am easy, are you?”). Besides reminding me how much the world has changed since my teenage years when an innocent “Do you like me? Check ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ or ‘maybe’” note always sufficed, it made me realize just how important it is for adults to have their own sexting lingo, too. Why should teens have all the fun?! After the jump, 10 sexting/IM acronyms for grown-ups.
1. (TKAWTDTW!) The kids are with their dad this weekend!
2. (ICTIC) I can’t tonight; I’m constipated.
3. (YSGTMCO) You should get that mole checked out.
4. (ISTLOLC!) I survived the lay-offs; let’s celebrate!
5. (YMMF18A) You make me feel 18 again.
6. (CWOOL) Crap, we’re out of lube.
7. (CYPUSTPOYWH?) Can you pick up some toilet paper on your way home?
8. (W:IHMFL) Warning: I had Mexican for lunch.
9. (IDLLNT) I’ll definitely last longer next time.
10. (BGTMO) Bald guys turn me on.