9 Things To Know About Chelsea Clinton And Marc Mezvinsky’s Relationship

Chelsea Clinton is supposedly planning a lavish $1 million dollar wedding to Marc Mezvinsky for this summer, which would be the perfect time because Hillary Clinton should have settled into her Secretary of State position by then. Chelsea is considering a sunset wedding on a hill overlooking the ocean, so friends say they could tie the knot at Martha’s Vineyard or Hilton Head Island. Unlike her past relationship with Ian Klaus, Chelsea has been careful with Marc to keep their relationship private and out of view of the paparazzi and gossip tabloids. But we dug up a few interesting things about him and their relationship.

  1. Marc is the son of former Iowa Congressman Edward Mezvinsky and former NBC-TV Washington correspondent and Pennsylvania Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies Mezvinsky.
  2. Both Chelsea and Marc know what it’s like to survive a humiliating parental scandal. Marc’s father, Edward, pleaded guilty in 2002 to bilking dozens of investors out of $10 million. Edward was released from a halfway house recently after serving his sentence.
  3. Chelsea and Marc met through their parents in 1993 at Renaissance Weekend, an annual event for big-timers, in Hilton Head.
  4. Both attended Stanford University and studied finance. Rumors circled that Chelsea attended Stanford because Marc was already a student there and she wanted to continue their relationship, but a rep said they were just friends.
  5. They went public with their relationship in Oct. 2007.
  6. Although she is a Methodist, like her mom, Chelsea attended Yom Kippur services with Marc at the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2008.
  7. Marc is an investment banker at Goldman Sachs.
  8. He purchased a 1,900 square-foot Fifth Avenue apartment for $4 million in 2008. His apartment isn’t far from hers near Gramercy Park.