Sex And The City Movie Sequel Spoilers

If you’re a die hard “Sex and the City” fan and would watch Carrie and company no matter how much the plot sucks, then don’t click through. But in case your trying to decide whether to relinquish $10 or more to watch them beat this dead horse, we’ve gathered all of the rumors about the sequel that we can get our hands on. POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!

  • Filming will take place in London.
  • After losing a lot of money, Big takes a job in London, living in a one-bedroom apartment without his usual five-star accommodations. He gets really depressed and finds comfort in the arms of another woman. He tells Carrie everything, and she heads across the pond to confront him. After she leaves him, she discovers she’s pregnant. I’m not too sure about this pregnancy storyline because Sarah Jessica Parker has said she doesn’t think that’s where the character is going in her life.
  • The sequel will be recession-friendly, which is not an easy task, but we’ve got some suggestions.
  • One of the four main characters could die. I’m thinking either Samantha has a fatal breast cancer relapse or Charlotte dies in childbirth.
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