Trend Alert! Little Boys Like To Get Primped Too

Girls are taking on beauty rituals at a younger and younger ages. I had my first manicure when I was in the fifth or sixth grade as a reward for doing well in school, but I didn’t experience a salon pedicure until the day before my high school senior prom. Mani/pedis, however, are tame compared to what these 5-year-old and preteen girls get into when they frequent spas that cater to the 0 to 12 set. These girls get expensive facials, hair cuts, highlights, and even laser hair removal, which is the most common cosmetic procedure for teens. It’s no surprise that girls are worrying about their appearance at young ages, but little boys are starting to care just as much. “Toddlers & Tiaras” on TLC is best known for featuring little girls as they get gussied up for beauty pageants. But recently the show has highlighted some of the boys that also compete in pageants. The boys don’t don faux eyelashes or a ton of rouge, but a fresh haircut, bleached smile, and a tuxedo complete with tails doesn’t go unnoticed. These pageant boys, however, aren’t the only young boys who’ve adopted beauty rituals.

My nail salon has several male clients and a few young boys for clients, as well. And it’s not like their moms and dads drag them kicking and screaming into the nail salon. Most of these boys seem to think getting a mani/pedi is as routine as a haircut. I remember one kid asking his father if he was getting a pedicure in addition to a manicure. His father said no, telling him to wait until next week when it was his kindergarten graduation. Upon hearing this, the little boy sulked and then pestered until his father gave in. The boy’s feet could barely reach the water even when the technician moved the chair as far forward as possible. At first I thought maybe this was a fluke and the child just wanted to be like his dad. But then he demanded that the technician only push his cuticles back, not cut them, just like a regular.

Have you witnessed anything similar at your salon or spa? Do you think boys will mirror their female counterparts when it comes to beauty routines?