Would You Give Up Casual Sex For 30 Days?

The ladies over at Lemondrop are talking about a 30-Day No Casual Sex Challenge. Suggested by sex and relationships writer Samantha Brett at The Sydney Morning Herald, this is a month of no casual sex that might help you distinguish whether any guy is worth your time when you’re just starting to get to know each other. With hormones flying, it’s easy to overlook early problems in a relationship until the bedroom passion starts to wane a few months down the line. But is forgoing casual sex for 30 days even that much of a challenge? I think not, especially if you don’t meet any men during that time period. Amelia tried not to do anything physical for six months, and she had no problem getting past the 30-day mark. In fact, she made it all the way to 16 weeks, so a month ain’t no thang. After the jump 30 ways to spend your time that don’t involve intercourse, dry humping, or getting yourself off. 1. Cook dinner
2. Make each other mixes of the most embarrassing songs you have in your iTunes libraries
3. Read a book out loud
4. Take part in a Japanese tea ceremony
5. Go shopping at a thrift store
6. Make out in the back of a movie theater
7. Have a picnic in a park
8. Get mani-pedis together
9. Fly a kite
10. Rent your favorite childhood movie and see if it still rocks your world
11. Make root beer floats
12. Visit a museum and learn about hominids
13. Paint each other’s portraits
14. Walk on the beach while it’s too warm to swim or lay out
15. Plant an herb garden
16. Volunteer
17. Play computer games
18. Cross everything off your to-do list
19. Drink Shirley Temple’s like you’re 8 years old again
20. Do your laundry
21. Clean out your closet
22. Go on a one-day road trip
23. Get your nails done
24. Find out your grandmother’s favorite movie from when she was your age, then Netflix it
25. Do a crossword
26. Read the diary you kept when you were 12
27. Download five new albums
28. Write a letter to your sister
29. Email a friend from high school who you haven’t seen since graduation
30. Buy flowers and make a chic arrangement for yourself