What’s For Lunch? Seven Reusable Lunchbags And Lunchboxes

This is your mother speaking. You really shouldn’t be getting takeout for lunch every day. Not only are you throwing all of your money away, but you’re not eating all of your food groups! Why don’t you make something yummy for dinner and then pack it in a cute, reusable bag and take it to work? Martha Stewart even suggests a packable lunch recipe every day on her site, so you won’t need to waste a minute thinking about what to eat. You (and your wallet) will thank me when you’re older.

Oilcloth Lunch Bag, $12

What’s For Lunch: gourmet PB&J — make with very thinly sliced fresh strawberries instead of jam or jelly
BUILT NY Munchler Lunch Bag, $9.99

What’s For Lunch: cumin-roasted cauliflower pasta
Plain Metal Lunch Box & Thermos, $9.25

What’s For Lunch: avocado and sprout club sandwich and a citrus smoothie
Thermos Fashion Food Jar, $19.99

What’s For Lunch: cuban black-bean stew with rice
To-Go Ware Stainless Steel Sidekick, $4.99

What’s For Lunch: salad with a citrus-basil vinaigrette
Tiffin Box, $24.95

What’s For Lunch: curry chicken and rice, followed by a dessert of sliced apples with caramel dip
Kid Size Lunchbox, $9.50

What’s For Lunch: spicy chicken and noodles