In Bed With … Paul Rudd

Born: April 6, 1969 in Passaic, NJ
Sun Sign: Aries
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Sagittarius
Mercury: Aries
Venus: Aries
Mars: Sagittarius

Love Style:

Snap, crackle and pop — Paul is the guy that waits for no one. He is daring, spontaneous and loves to rock his life as if everyday were the last. When it comes to love, this is also his motto. However, being ruled by mostly signs that focus on, “I,” his love style is, “Keep up with me or miss the boat.” Yes, this isn’t the guy that longs for slow pokes. He likes a challenge, a direction and wishy-washy love isn’t this thing. He loves at first sight and can fall out just as fast, as he has the attention span of a gnat — but when he does hook onto something he’s intrigued by, he doesn’t hold back and it’s passion, passion, passion. He’s over the top, physical and fearless. Life is all about adventure to him and seeking out new territory, and if you’ve got what sparks his libido, spirit and mind (yes, in that order), then fasten your seat belt, because this is the guy that will give you a ride of a lifetime.

Sex Style:

Pack on the protein when it comes to hitting the sack with this one, as he’s got moves and energy that will give you a work out that no exercise equipment can ever match. To say the least, Paul is someone that likes to give it his all every time and will work to extremes to make it happen. However, he works fast and if you blink, you might miss it — so be ready at a moment’s notice and know that a wrestling style of lovemaking is this guy’s thing. Looking to transcend himself through sex, he’s enthusiastic about making connections and will have a playful style and be fully present throughout. To get the best out of him though, you have to be willing to bring it, to give him an extravagant, mind-blowing and cathartic experience that could move mountains. Sex to him is a sport and religious practice, so be in shape or ship out.

His Type:

Paul lives to win and is strongly ego driven. His lady love better be the type with the same competitive edge and be a team player, always with her eye on the prize. She needs to be on her toes, ready for action and know how to charge ahead at a moment’s notice, up for being his partner in crime for any adventure. Sure, she needs to be a little grounded to keep him in check, but a wild-eyed dreamer that doesn’t understand the concept of ‘no’ is his speed and even more so than him, as he has so much energy it’s best to be able to keep up with her than the other way around, because as it goes, men like him love meeting his match and submitting to a force higher than himself. Paul is not the guy after just a trophy piece.

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