He Said/She Said: To Blog Or Not To Blog?

Recently, we found ourselves in Austin, Texas for South By Southwest’s Interactive Conference. It was a tornado of fish tacos, rain and excessive Twittering. But the rare occasion to have bloggers and big players in new media together for a week made it a perfect opportunity to ask their opinion on the web-couple’s ultimate dilemma: To blog or not to blog…The question elicits passionate pros and cons to airing your relationship on the interwebz — and the overwhelming consensus is: tread lightly. Though, perhaps most interesting was that of our web-savvy subjects, the men didn’t mind web-transparency and its repercussions whereas the women conveyed a more cautionary tale.

Our take? Use your best judgment and know what you’re getting into. If nothing else, a good rule of thumb is to keep your public details positive and the unsavory bits offline.