Crave: Worn Free T-Shirts

Rock stars always look so cool, in part because most of them don’t seem like they’ve been manufactured by a team of skilled stylists, hairdressers, and makeup artists the way actors and actresses do. There’s an effortlessness about rockers’ clothes, even when all they’re wearing are old jeans and a grungy T-shirt (and even if they’ve spent hours getting ready and hundreds on the perfectly distressed vintage leather jacket). Worn Free can make you look like Debbie Harry, John Lennon, or Joan Jett, at least in the T-shirt department, because they’ve resurrected shirts worn by these musicians and more. Too bad wearing one won’t improve your guitar playing. [$39.95 and up,]

We’re giving away five Worn Free T-shirts, but you have to work if you want to look like a rock god. The five best commenters for this coming week — from today, Friday, March 27 through Thursday, April 2 — will be awarded with one. So, be as clever, smart, and original as you can! Click HERE to read the official rules.