Recession Special: How To Sell Yourself In This Market

While the recession has screwed everyone, it’s really sticking it to a Romanian virgin. Grace Yataco, a Peruvian model, was offered 1.5 million for the chance to pluck her lady flower. Chaste Italian “Big Brother” star Rafaella Fico was offered 1.8 million dollars to be a whore on more than reality television. And here in the U.S., college student Natalie Dylan has been hocking her hymen to the highest bidder — so far, she’s got a $3.8 million dollar offer on the table. But for some reason, 18-year-old Alina Percea, from Romania, has only been offered a mere $7,000 in exchange for a whole weekend’s worth of sex. The beautiful, busty brunette is trying to raise enough money to go to college. But next to million dollar offers pouring in from pervs in other countries, it begs the question, what’s she doing wrong?Well, according to “Hooking Up Smart”’s How To Stimulate Demand In A Relationship Recession, her problem is that she set her sights too low. While these other girls have asked for at least a million dollars for their virginity, Alina is only trying to get $75,000 to cover her tuition. You gotta set the bar high, girl! Now that’s a lesson we could all learn and adopt for our sex lives. Here are some tips so you don’t get low-balled:

1. Show That You’ll Value What He Has To Offer: As Susan Walsh says, “Selling luxury…is primarily about fulfilling the dreams and desires of the consumer.” Let him know you’ll give him what he wants.

2. Don’t Accept Offers Lower Than What You’re Worth: Why even let someone bid $7,000 bucks when you’re worth $75,000? Translation for sexy times: don’t lower your standards just to get laid. In ordered to be valued by others, you first have to be valued by you.

3. Let Him Know You’re For Real: Express yourself. Let your natural personality come through. Don’t get caught up putting on airs or false formality because it will make you afraid to say what you want. If you’re fake, you’re just a character playing yourself and then both of you will never be satisfied.