Woman Cuffs Hubby To Bed For Talk, Not Sex

Yesterday, 37-year old Helen Sun handcuffed herself to her estranged husband to keep him from leaving. Sun told investigators that she just wanted to talk—don’t we all?—and the only way she could get hubby to listen was by tying him up…. When her beloved tried to call 911, she bit him on the belly—I guess because if talking was off the table, she could at least show him what else her hot mouth was good for. [AP via Yahoo]

Ouch. I know the feeling—all you want to do is talk it out, and he either doesn’t check his messages or makes you feel like checking into the loony bin. You hope you either A) get his attention, or B) get over his loser ass—before you make a total fool of yourself. Like, who was that crazy girl making all those phone calls? And then I’m like, oh right. That was me. Awkward. What is it about breakups that can drive the most grounded sister to act totally bananas?

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done to get back with a guy? Did it work?