OctoMom Reality Show Offer, In Exchange For Showing Hers

Porn giant Vivid Entertainment usually has no problem sealing many deals, but they’re desperate to bed the OctoMom. First, they made her a million dollar offer, plus benefits for all her babies. That deal sounds better than the stimulus package, but while Nadya Suleman is clearly a whore, it’s seemingly just for attention. So, she turned the seven figure XXX offer down. Now, it’s rare that porno peeps go through a courting ritual, let alone rejection, but Vivid has come back with a new agreement begging for it. In the wake of Suleman firing her non-profit nannies, Vivid has decided to promise her more help than even she needs. For a cool $1 million, they want her to star in a reality TV show about her and her gaggle of porn star babysitters. In addition, she’d have to agree to appear partially nude in a skin flick.

We’re not sure who they think wants to see Nadya nakey, but the only thing scarier than the three ring media circus currently around her is the idea that the worst is yet to come….let’s hope Vh1 doesn’t counter offer with a “Rock The Cradle Of Love” dating show for the single OctoMom. [TMZ]