Beauty How-To: Treat Peeling Skin

Whether your tan has finally turned against you or your skin is in an epic dry spell, peeling only makes an already uncomfortable skin-tuation look as bad as it feels. Luckily we’ve got the deets on fixing your patchy dilemma.
Bath Oils:
Bath oil is the perfect remedy for dry and itchy skin. It’s not messy or smelly like many lotions can be, and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling extra greasy. If your skin is peeling from chronic dryness, a symptom often referred to as crocodile or snake skin, bath oil is just what you need. If you’d like to experiment with making your own bath oil, simply purchase a bottle of cooking oil at the market (almond, sunflower and grapeseed oils are great options) and squeeze a few drops of your favorite essence into the bottle. Apply the bath oil to your body before or after soaping up – just be sure to rinse thoroughly and pat dry with your towel afterward.

Aloe Vera:
If your skin is peeling due to a severe sunburn, aloe vera is just what you need. Aloe vera both soothes painful burns and helps assist your skin in the healing process. Apply the aloe vera directly to your peeling skin, gently rubbing it in. Reapply as needed! But remember, don’t peel your sunburned skin because this will inhibit its natural healing process.

Grated Cucumber:
Grated cucumber is great for treating peeling and dry skin. Simply take a fresh cucumber, grate it and place the cucumber onto your peeling skin. Relax for about 15-20 minutes while the cucumber works its magic. Your skin will instantly feel healthier and moisturized.

Body Wash and No-Soap Cleansing Bars:
Much of the soap we use today actually works to dehydrate our bodies, which is why many of us have chronic dry and peeling skin. Wisely choosing your body washes and soaps will make a considerable difference in preventing, and even treating, itchy and peeling skin.
Salt Scrubs

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