Quickies!: Casey Anthony Admits Guilt

  • Cops on the Caylee Anthony murder case have supposedly found a diary in which the tot’s mother Casey admits to killing her. [NationalEnquirer.com]
  • Spring rain showers don’t have to put a damper on your style. All you really need are a cute pair of weather-proof shoes and an umbrella, of course. [Refinery 29]
  • This writer has such a huge cop fetish that she started a blog about sexy law enforcement officers, called Hott Cops. But who exactly is this woman whose family doesn’t even know about her obsession? [Dumb As a Blog]
  • Phone sex isn’t the only way to get some when you and your guy are too far apart. [College Candy]
  • Women find men in flashy cars more attractive than when they’re seated in a hooptie, but men judge women solely on their looks without considering what she’s driving. It’s great to be judged for our assets. [Asylum]
  • In case you need inspiration for your wifely duties, here’s a list of the best wives on TV. Who are you most like? [Your Tango]