Lauren Conrad’s Fashion Line Is No More, Plus Other Celeb Business Failures

It’s official — Lauren Conrad’s attempt at a fashion line has ended (at least for now). Delivery of Lauren Conrad Collection spring/summer merchandise has been canceled. We knew this line was doomed from the very beginning. She charged way too much for clothes made primarily of jersey, and most of her “designs” were unoriginal and boring. Anyone could recreate the looks with a quick search online or a mall run. Unfortunately, Lauren seems to think this failure is just a minor setback. She’s actually rethinking her line and might using higher-end fabrics. The fabrics aren’t the problem, LC. Maybe she’ll take a look at this list of other failed celebrity business ventures and reconsider. [Fashion Indie]

  • Paris Hilton has failed at many things, and I’m not even talking about relationships. Her album Paris was a flop before it even hit iTunes. And the owner of Club Paris fired her after she failed to make scheduled appearances. Although her line of shoes is still available online, we doubt this is how Paris is making her bread and butter since we don’t know anyone who aspires to dress like her.
  • No one took Heidi Montag seriously when she announced her clothing line with Anchor Blue. She was a fashion design school dropout, after all. Heidi couldn’t give her clothes away even though they were priced $10 to $60 — they were just too slut-tastic. And we won’t even discuss her two singles, “Overdosin'” and “No More.”
  • Poor Gwyneth Paltrow can’t find anyone who can alter their life with the suggestions on her website GOOP. And she’s probably the only member of her gym, which costs $4,600 to join.
  • Suzanne Somers has had many successful ventures — the Thighmaster, diet books, and a jewelry line. But her latest money-making scheme fell apart the minute she walked away from Suzanne’s Kitchen, a do-it-yourself meal-prep franchise. According to her partner, the business fell apart when Somers changed the original concept and insisted on using only organic ingredients, which made the business pricey and impractical.
  • Everything Damon Dash has touched since breaking ties with partner Jay-Z has turned to crap. His CEO clothing line never materialized. And he had to pull the plug on his State Property sportswear line and record label Damon Dash Music Group. Now, his breadwinner wife Rachel Roy has filed for divorce.
  • Kim Basinger bought an entire town in Georgia in 1989 for $20 million with the idea of turning it into a tourist attraction. She planned to build movie studios and start a film festival in the town. But celebs didn’t really want to hang in some Podunk town in Georgia. She ended up selling it in 1993.