Five Totally Fake Publicity Stunts***

***According to me

We’ve already discussed the clever use of girl-on-girl as a go-to publicity stunt for celebrities. But it’s not the only shady tactic used by Hollywood to garner interest in stars whose popularity is waning or in film, tv, and music projects that might otherwise go unnoticed. After the jump, five recent “celebrity” stories that I think are totally fake and carefully concocted.

1. LeAnn Rimes Caught Cheating: Um, yeah. Wholesome LeAnn Rimes is caught on camera smooching her “Northern Lights” co-star, Eddie Cibrian, the same week that the movie aired on Lifetime. Miraculously, the film got biggie ratings and was the network’s most watched movie so far this year! Say what?! Puh-lease. This story is as fake as Cibrian’s veneers. The twosome didn’t really try and hide their affair very well did they? And the timing couldn’t have been better. Coincidence, I think not.

2. Julia Allison Vs. Mary Rambin — It’s WAR!: Two of our favorite female bloggers (we kid!) are doing their part to encourage rumors that Rambin is leaving their company, NonSociety, in order to venture out on her own — and they’re using the web to do it. After months of subtle infighting, Allison posted a cryptic message on her Twitter that said, “I thought we were in this together.” Then Rambin didn’t go with Allison and their third partner, Meghan Asha, to SXSW. A few weeks ago, Gawker got a tip that Rambin was leaving, and then Rambin started a new blog, which now it only reads “Coming Soon!” (Like when you’re free?) She also alluded to maybe having drinks with an Allison “reblogger”/hater, but that post was dropped too, leading many to conclude that Allison got her to take it down. Allison has since been not-so-subtley insulting her soon-to-be former business partner, where else but her NonSociety “lifecast,” including a post yesterday that basically called Rambin stupid. All of this has caused many to conclude that Allison is a backstabbing bitch — but I don’t think we should forget she’s also a savvy backstabbing bitch. Drama like this equals pageviews. I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls kissed and made up by mid-April.

3. The OctoMom And The Never-Ending Offers For Her To Get Naked: Aside from the car crash-esque ick factor, why on earth would anyone want to see the OctoMom naked? Even Hugh Hefner hasn’t come a-knockin’ and he offers EVERYONE a spread in Playboy. I suspect Nadya Suleman is spreading these rumors in order to stay in the limelight, since all her babies are almost home and the legitimate offers are sure to stop.

4. Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer’s Romantic Rollercoaster: Jennifer has a movie to promote! ON! Mayer needs to concentrate on his music! OFF! Brad Pitt photographs Angelina Jolie for the cover of W! ON! Aniston lays low — OFF! — but then comes out to promote “He’s Just Not That Into You” — ON! Jen needs a date to the Oscars, John needs the publicity! ON! Oscars are over, no movie in sight to promote — OFF! I mean, come on. Someone please tell me when John Mayer’s next album is due out, and I am going to schedule an “ON AGAIN!” into my datebook for the week before, okay?

5. Lindsay Lohan’s Very Public Spats With Sam Ronson: As we wrote yesterday, Lohan is broke. With only one movie in the hopper — “Labor Pains,” due out in May — she’s relying on her sales for her line of leggings and soon-to-launch sunless tanning lotion to keep her assets out of the red. But she can only do that with headlines — without a red carpet to prance down, Lohan has to keep the paparazzi bulbs flashing and tongues wagging. What better way than to spark interest in what’s causing the constant screaming matches between she and her girlfriend? I think these two are solid — and desperate for attention and cash.