Beauty How-To: Get a Facial

Facials are the most popular treatment for spas, but most menus have so many packages it’s almost impossible to know what’s happening to your skin. We’ve got the step by step rundown of any good facial so you know the process just as well as your esthetician. Questions, Questions, Questions!:
At your first spa facial visit, you are likely to be asked a series of questions about your current skin care regimen. This assessment helps the esthetician understand what’s best for you and your skin type. Answer honestly and accurately because this will decide what your complexion is treated to.

The Initial Skin Cleanse:
Next, your skin will be gently cleansed to remove makeup and oils. The cleanser should be custom chosen based on your skin type and answers.

Analyze! :
Next, the esthetician will take a closer look at your skin through a special magnifying lamp. The lamp’s light will allow the esthetician to see any skin damage or special problems that are invisible to the naked eye.

The Steam Treatment:
A hot, steamy vapor will be blown gently past your face. Steam opens your pores and makes popping and cleaning easier. Steamy towels may also be used.

The Exfoliating Scrub :
Once your pores have been opened, the top layer of skin is buffed away using either a chemical exfoliant or a gritty, sand-like scrub.

Extracting and Toning:
Blackheads and whiteheads have got to go. After these suckers are extracted a toner will treat your skin to a cool, even flush.

The Massage:
Next, the skin is massaged to relax the facial muscles and help stimulate blood flow.

The Mask :
A specially formulated facial mask will be applied to your skin to close out the treatment. Masks can be tailored to any skin type: oily, dry, combination and/or mature.

Moisturize! :
Moisturizer, eye cream and conditioning lip balm are applied to the face to nourish the skin and wrap up the facial.