Beauty How-To: Fix Self-Tanning Mistakes

We all chase the coveted goddess bronze, but sometimes our efforts do more harm than good. For instance, slathering on self-tanner only to end up looking like a Zebra and an oopma-loompa had a love child. Good thing The Frisky’s got your back with these tips for repairing a botched tanning job.Upend the Uneven Tan
Uneven tanning can be caused by skin prep errors. Exfoliating and moisturizing skin before applying tanning products is like sanding before painting. You need a smooth, even surface to start with.

Stomp Out Streaks
Take your time. Apply self-tan products slowly and evenly to avoid uneven streaking. Slower-drying lotions make application of a streak-free tan easier.

Beat the Blotches
Thick skin is more absorbent than thin skin. Dilute tanner with water before you apply it to fleshy areas to avoid ugly blotches and dark patches. Tone down darker areas with gentle scrubbing.

Protect Palms and Nails
Wearing plastic gloves when applying tanning products protects your palms and nails from discoloration.

Eradicate Rub-Off
Apply self-tanner when you aren’t going to be changing clothes or hitting the pillow. Avoid exercising, swimming and showering for at least six hours.

Get Rid of the Ghastly
No matter how you apply the tanner, if the color is gross you’ll need to take it off asap. If the finished look is ghastly, use soap and water or a dip in a chlorinated pool to lighten the color. Still bad? Apply baby oil and let it soak for 25-35 minutes, then exfoliate in warm bath water to remove the tanning product.