Beauty How-To: Exfoliate Sensitive Skin

For those of us with sensitive skin, the mere mention of exfoliation is enough to make our faces turn red. But not to worry, there is a way to get rid of the nasty dead skin on your cheeks without angering your complexion.Choose a Gentle Exfoliator for Sensitive Skin:
Choose a gentle exfoliator, like ones made from aloe or natural ingredients, for your picky skin.

Find Natural Exfoliators for Sensitive Skin in Your Kitchen:
Your kitchen is undoubtedly home to many excellent natural exfoliators for sensitive skin. Some common ones include oatmeal, ground almonds, sugar, rice powder, sea salt and even ground coffee.

Mix Coarse Exfoliators into a Moisturizing Base for Sensitive Skin:
Mix coarse exfoliating ingredients into moisturizing materials like milk, Greek yogurt, honey, pureed cucumber or avocado, or apple juice before applying then to your sensitive skin.

Use Natural Astringents Sparingly When Exfoliating:
Astringents eliminate excess skin oil, but will dry skin out if used in abundance. Use natural astringents like citrus juices sparingly when making an exfoliant for sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin Requires Less Frequent Exfoliation:
Exfoliate sensitive skin less frequently than other skin types. Once or twice a week is usually sufficient.