Beauty How-To: Apply Blush With Your Fingers

Applying blush sans-brush sounds daunting, but it is actually a neat way to apply makeup without splurging on the tools. Check out the easy and manual way to dress up your cheeks after the jump.Choosing the Right Shade of Blush:
Before beginning to apply blush with your fingers, you need to choose the right shade of blush. Applying blush two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone is considered the optimal contrast.

Laying the Foundation for Blush
Wash your face, pat it dry, and apply foundation. You can’t paint without a canvas.

Two-Finger Test
It’s not dirty, we swear. At the highest point of your cheekbone, place two fingers against your nose and two fingers on the opposite side of the cheekbone with your innermost finger aligned with the end of your eyebrow. Apply blush from the top of the cheekbone to the hollow of your cheek (the part that pulls up when you smile) between these reference points.

Apply Blush With Your Fingers
Dab your middle finger with blush. Starting at the hollow of your cheek, moving your fingers upwards and outwards.

Blend the Blush Into Your Cheeks
Use your middle and ring fingers to blend the blush into your cheeks, removing any excess with a tissue.

Banish Circles and Extended Lines
Two novice blush mistakes are applying blush in a circular pattern to create a clown look and extending the blush line too far below the cheekbones. Using fingers instead of a sweeping brushstroke to apply blush helps you to avoid these unattractive looks.

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