Debate This: TMI On A First Date

Matchmaker Steven Ward of “VH1 Tough Love” says that revealing too much information on a first date can scare a potential partner away. He advises the women not to discuss religion, politics, past relationships, etc. I can see where Steve is going with this advice, but I think it’s more helpful in the long run to get some of these touchy subjects out in the open early. I dated this guy long distance for a few months. He and I would go out when I was in Atlanta. The topic of religion came up one night at dinner. Since he had never discussed religion, Christianity, or going to church, I kind of assumed that none of these things were important to him. Boy was I wrong! We spent the whole night debating Christianity and my lack of faith, while other Bible-thumping patrons gave me dirty looks. We never connected again, and I think that if we had discussed religion earlier in our courtship, we would have realized we weren’t right for each other and would have saved a lot of time. I’ve learned my lesson now and tend to discuss touchy subjects when I begin dating someone new. But I realize there are pros and cons to this line of thinking. More after the jump.