“House Of Style” Returns, Sucks

I tuned in at 3pm sharp this Saturday to catch the debut of the NEW “House Of Style,” quite possibly my favorite relic of MTV’s days of yore. As Annika wrote in her preview post, we were worried that this new incarnation would be totally juvenile (not always a good thing!) thanks to a partnership with Teen Vogue. And how would Bar Rafaeli, Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend and Israeli supermodel, stack up against past hosts Cindy Crawford, Shalom Harlow, Amber Valetta, and Rebecca Romijn? SPOILER: She sucked! For starters, aside from a sort of vague interest in knowing how to make fancy pants friendship bracelets (apparently a trend for spring and the show’s lone DIY element), most of what HoS covered was yawn-worthy. A super pricey fairytale-inspired dinner party by Erin Featherston? She’s cute, but in these tough economic times, I ain’t shellin’ out for rhinestone encrusted mouse masks. A behind the scenes look at Justin Timberlake’s fashion show? As much as I heart JT, I’ve heard enough about his William Rast clothing line. A conversation with Princessy-Princess Barbie, I mean Taylor Swift, about her style? No thanks! It’s clear that “House Of Style” has been “The Hills” and “The City”-ified.

But the most hateful aspect was Rafaeli, who appeared to either forget her lines, or forget how to read — the cue-cards, that is. How we long for the days of Cindy Crawford! Check out the clip below, from a 1992 episode of HoS, about women in bands: