Quickies!: Lindsay Lohan Is Broke, The Name Of M.I.A.’s Baby Revealed

  • Lindsay Lohan is completely broke. We’re talking maxing out credit cards to pay for tampons broke. No wonder she’s staying with Sam Ronson. [DListed]
  • Tara Reid jacked Mariah Carey for her butterfly wardrobe, and it looks like Tara’s stint in rehab worked. [Popbytes]
  • Did you know there are alternatives to maxi pads and tampons? Neither did we. But even though we now know about the cup and other absorbent products, we won’t be making a switch any time soon. [College Candy]
  • M.I.A. didn’t name her son Ickitt as previously reported. She did however name him Ikhyd, which we hope has some profound meaning or something. [People.com]
  • Like the ’70s, our current decade has morphed into another Me Decade. The only difference is we have the Internet and an abundance of social networking sites. The one similarity: no one really cares what you’re doing right at this moment. [Urlesque]
  • If you can’t give your stuff away in your hometown, then maybe it’s time you take a trip overseas for a little foreign scorin’. [Lemondrop]