From Jobless To Topless: Women Strip to Stimulate The Economy

Turns out our turd economy is good for one thing: stripping. Applications to jobs in the adult entertainment industry have risen like adolescent boy schlongs in the last year. Today’s flashdancer could be a sad hottie simply downsized from her job at an imploding international investment bank…

It’s better than an unemployment check. One night’s work at the gentleman’s club Sin City in NYC brings in an average of $1000. Dancers at Rick’s Caberet in Miami will fold up to 300,000 sweaty dollar bills into their g-strings this year. Recently, 200 women showed up for a job fair at the Foxy Lady in Providence, R.I. Of course, you can’t use the same skills stripping as you can on the trading floor, so if you want to swap your cubicle for a pole, get ready to use your big, um, brains to apply pasties, dance in stilettos, and handle hostile customers. At least these ladies have time to work out, having missed pole dancing classes at the gym with all that overtime.

How about you? Would you shed clothes for cash during this recession? [AP via Google]