Quickies!: LeAnn Rimes Was A Beard?!

  • The family of LeAnn Rimes’s husband, Dean Sheremet, have outed him as allegedly gay. If this is true, she must have cheated because she was tired of being his beard. [Perez Hilton]
  • Loved ones attended a wake for Natasha Richardson at American Irish Historical Society in Manhattan today. [People]
  • The new tween Dora the Explorer has been hanging with some folks a little too old for her, like Amanda Bynes and Rihanna. This is not what we expect from you, Dora. [Urlesque]
  • The Octo-Mom says she is using denial as a defense mechanism to cope with her life. [Us Magazine]
  • If your goal is to keep your man around, you should never make these 10 statements to his best friend. [Lemondrop]
  • Can a guy be so nice he’s not date-worthy or just really annoying? [Shine]