Jessica Simpson Drops Ten, Scores Magazine Covers

Did I call it or what? Just as she’s done before, Jessica Simpson followed up the unflattering “fat” photos from a few weeks earlier of her in high-waisted mom jeans and an unfortunate leopard print belt with sudden “skinny” photos of her in a push-up bustier and skimpy Daisy Dukes, showing a pair of well-toned legs. Performing at the March 8 Florida Strawberry Festival performance, Simpson appeared to have dropped ten pounds in a matter of weeks, securing her spot, once again, on several tabloids, including In Touch.

A spokesperson from the Strawberry Festival said they didn’t provide any of the photos that have appeared in the tabloids, leaving everyone to wonder, “Gee, where or where could the pictures have come from?” She said “credentialed photographers had to sign waivers that they wouldn’t sell their photos to the tabloids,” and speculated that audience members with telescopic lenses on their camera must have taken the shots. Oh, of course! But what an inconvenience for the incredible shrinking woman to have to appear on magazine covers again. If her music and acting career is any indication, she’s clearly not comfortable with that kind of attention. [via MSNBC]