Eight Signs You Should Confess Your Crush

So, you’re sweating a dude like he’s a spin class. Girl, you know you got it baaaaaaaad! It’s exciting to crush on a dude, but it’s also potentially ego crushing and stupid. When you can’t stop thinking about a man, you have to add some reason to those dirty thoughts or you could get hurt. Love might be blind, however, there are some eye opening clues that can help you decide whether he’s feeling you too! You should tell your crush you like him if (and that’s a big IF)…1.You’re Willing To Tell Him Face-To-Face: If you don’t feel like you need to hide behind IM, Facebook, email, or text, that you can tell him in person, then it’ll show your love can also for real.

2. You Pair Off: If you’re out with friends, the two of you have a private, flirtatious convo going on, even if it’s just with your eyes.

3.You Can Imagine Having Sex With Him: Do you have an idea of what it would be like? Would he clash with your style? If you can dream it, you can do it!

4. You Communicate Before You’re Drunk: Do you talk? And I don’t mean just by text. If he only tries to find you late night, he’s not crushing on you, he’s circling you like a buzzard with a boner. So either do him or don’t, just keep your feelings out of it.

5. He Makes You Feel Cool: Sure, he makes you smile, but are you struggling to make him happy too? Do you have to waltz around half naked or say something super funny just to show him you’re worth the time of day? If you feel like you have to jump through hoops to get his attention, he’s not paying you any. Forget him!

6. You Can Be Real: If you’ve been stalking his Facebook 24/7, doodling “Mrs. Your Name + His Last Name,” or told everyone but him that you’ve got a crush, you’re waaaaay too into him. First of all, why are you so scared of telling him your feelings? Because you know one of you would freak out and that person is probably you. Secondly, even if he does want to date you, your relationship will never be able to live up to the energy you have spent crushing on him. Sadly, it’s doomed between the two of you. Obsess over celebs, but remember that life isn’t a movie.

7. He’s Giving It To You: Does he offer you some of his Oreos? Will he help you fix your Internet problem? Does he go the extra mile to give you something special? Well, he’s looking for a similar sign from you, so give him something he can feel!

8. You Can Get Close Enough To Kiss Him: Does he hug you hello and goodbye? And, if so, is there a second’s worth of tension where maybe, just maybe, if you looked at him, he would plant one on you (or vice versa)? The long bear hug means he wants to hold onto you too.