Angelina Jolie Is Too Violent For TV

A British watchdog group has deemed the TV commercial for the “Wanted” DVD release too violent because its star Angelina Jolie is pictured brandishing pistols and a shotgun. Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority says the commercial “could be seen to condone violence by glorifying or glamorizing the use of guns.” Universal Pictures, which released the film, denies any inappropriateness or contentious material and stresses that the commercial was broadcast at a suitable time for its content. Universal also asserts that “some people did not like to see a woman in a strong lead role,” so violence isn’t the real issue. Action films by nature are violent and glamorize the use of weapons, so this group should just get a grip. By the way, I was rather entertained by Angelina’s gun-wielding girl-power as she curved bullets around objects and people when I saw “Wanted” last year — I just wish this little bit of escapism hadn’t cost me $12. After the jump, watch the movie’s trailer and judge for yourself whether it’s too violent for TV.