The Most Hilarious Unauthorized Celebrity Endorsements

Image is everything when you’re a celeb (just ask Lindsay Lohan.) Endorsement deals are big money business, but some foreign companies don’t feel like they have to pay stars, even for an erectile dysfunction ad. Now, that’s just insult to injury! But the damage is done and hilarious, so here’s a round up of the funniest unauthorized celeb spokesmodeling from around the globe…

1. Mena Suvari condoms prove the actress needs some extra protection — from her lawyer!

2. Gwyneth Paltrow’s gym costs $4500 for membership, plus monthly fees. How could Angelina Joliedo it with a hula hoop from the dollar store?

3. Mischa Barton Discount Panties — like that washed up ho ever gets full coverage!

4. Katie Holmes MP3 4 Player — we’re not sure what the 4 is for, or why Katie Holmes makes anyone think of the tag “no limit”. Why didn’t they rip a pic of an actual musician?

5. A Brazilian company used a cartoon of Steve Carell to advertise office products. This sounds like something narcissistic Michael Scott would do!

6. While Oprah loves to give away prizes, free Acai Berry Weight Loss products just don’t stack up to a free car.

7. David “Goldenballs” Beckham, draped in a tiger skin, got slapped on the cover of “Long Love” Chinese condoms. But that’s not the only abuse of his image….

8. Beckham, along with Keanu Reeves and Sean Connery, was used in a commercial to hock USA Selikon, an erectile dysfunction drug. The name is boner, James Boner.