That’s Textual Harassment, And I Don’t Have To Take It!

A little while back, I shared why I thought text messaging was keeping romance alive, despite being more impersonal than phone calls or face-to-face contact. Text messaging is a powerful form of communication, but with great power comes…stalkers! A report by the U.S. Justice Department’s Bureau of Statistics found that 23 percent of stalking or harassment victims had been pestered using some form of cyberstalking, which includes IMs, emails, and text messages. In fact, cyberstalking has become such a widespread issue that 46 states have anti-stalking laws that refer to forms of electronic communication. “Textual harassment,” as people are calling harassment via text message is probably popular for the same reasons booty-calls via text are — it’s an easy, non-confrontational way to get your point across to somebody. However, it’s no less invasive than other forms of harassment. The site is trying to bring awareness to the issue with e-cards that say things like, “You’re much more attractive when you’re not textually harassing me,” and “Thanks for helping me exceed my text message limit.” Unfortunately, sending one of those to an ex probably won’t keep him from assaulting your inbox.

Have you ever been textually harassed? [Sydney Morning Herald]