Seven Ways To Spice Up Sex For Under $5

In this recession, we’re all tight with our spending, but we don’t want to scrimp on sexy time! So, it’s not shocking adult toy sales are still strong (except in France), but why pay top dollar when the goods are free? Yes we can get creative in these hard (no pun intended) times! Here are our suggestions to put the pinch in penny pinching with sexy stuff under five bucks…
1. Whipped Cream Or Frosting: Shake it up with a can of the sweet stuff! If you want to spray as you go, the supermarket stuff will do. If you’d like to surprise him in a frou-frou bikini, you can make it out of whipped cake frosting. It will last longer, but taste just as creamy and delicious.
2. Trench Coat: This one is an oldie, but a goodie. Show up with nothing on but a trench coat and high heels. If you don’t own a trench coat, you can pick one up at a thrift store cheap! And then you can donate it right back to charity for a tax write off, just make sure you wash it first.
3. Rope Or Ribbon: Get tied up for hours together.
4. Sheer Curtain: Drape yourself in a sheer curtain panel or some see-through fabric, belt it into place, and you’ll look like a Greek goddess. Feed him grapes for extra oomph!
5. Men’s Button Down: Slip into his shirt. Men love this smooth lookin’ style. Plus, it’s lingerie he definitely won’t have trouble taking off you!
6. Dollar Store G-String: Every dollar store has a teeny thong and for a buck he can rip it off you!
7. Saran Wrap: Play peek-a-boo with sheer wrap that’ll stick to your hot bod. Just make sure you don’t wear it for too long or you’ll be sweatin’ him in a bad way.