Michelle Obama Is A Superwoman!

President Barack Obama’s inauguration was the focus of a special issue Amazing Spider-Man comic, which contained only five pages of the president and Spidey teaming up, but the First Lady is getting an entire comic book dedicated to her. Michelle Obama, who has graced the covers of just about every important culture magazine — People, Vogue, New York, and The New Yorker — will be the third superhero in Bluewater’s new “Female Forces” series. “Strong independent women is what we’re known for,” said Darren Davis, president of Bluewater, which previously featured Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin in comic books of their own. “So doing the ‘Female Force’ series was organic for us — we try to show women in a positive light and tone down the ‘T and A’ angles. They’re no different from a Wonder Woman type of comic.” Michelle’s 22-page bio comic will begin with her upbringing on the South Side of Chicago, progress to her years at Princeton, and go on to her life on the presidential campaign trail. Readers will get to learn little unknown tidbits about Michelle’s life, such as her work for the company that represented Barney the Dinosaur (?!). But don’t expect to see Malia and Sasha depicted on the pages. After the controversy surrounding the Ty Girlz dolls in the likeness of and named after the First Daughters, Davis said Bluewater wanted to be respectful by not showing too much of Malia and Sasha, however, the comic does touch on Michelle’s role as a mother. The “Michelle Obama” comic, which will be released on April 25, has pre-sold 40,000 copies and is available to order for $3.99 at Amazon.com. [DailyNews.com]