Does Going Brunette Keep Women Employed?

Back in January we reported that new data suggested more women were dying their hair blonde during the recession. Catherine speculated that the added boost in confidence from going blonde might increase a woman’s number of free drinks at a bar, something we can all appreciate during these lean economic times. But now a conflicting report says that one in three blond female employees is going darker in an attempt to keep their jobs during this economic downturn. Researchers found that 62% of people think brunettes look more professional than blondes, prompting 31% of female employees to go back to their roots. Maybe the conflicting reports are both right. Women go brunette in an attempt to save their jobs, but once they’re laid off, they figure why not just go blonde and try to score some free drinks and a sugar daddy? Personally, I’ve never been happier to be a redhead. Sure, maybe I don’t get free drinks everywhere I go, and I’m not necessarily promoted for looking smart, but if the researchers are to be believed, I have more sex than all the rest of you. Free drinks and stable employment are overrated anyway. [Daily Mail U.K.]