Ask The Astrosexologist: Advice For My First Polyamorous Relationship!

I’m an energetic Aries and I’m getting involved in my first ever threesome relationship with two signs that are very compatible with mine — a very intriguing Sag woman and her awesome Gemini boyfriend. I know that the three of us should work out together, but is there any advice you can give me on how to keep things running smoothly in our happy partnership? I’m a little nervous about coming between them, is there anything I can do about that? — Two Become Three
Two fire signs and one air — woohee, this is going to be one hot bed of kinky and aggressive sex that will leave the mind and spirit reeling from the speed of breaking through new grounds of sexual desire! Yes, to say this is going to be one hot and horny ride to orgasmland is just shortchanging the whole sitch, as you all represent three very active signs that love trying out new things and have a fearless drive towards conquering lust. Anything new, bizarre or curious is something you should try, as this is how you will keep everyone involved interested. New places will be a major point of interest, as in taking this sex show on the road and trying out various scenarios with role-playing and exciting props. While the two fire signs are the more daring initiators, the Gemini plays a nice balance in helping perfect kinky circumstances for maximum pleasure. All in all, a three-ring circus of curiosity, spontaneity and death-defying acts will keep a smile on all your faces.

To keep it all in order though, you should have a notebook or a neutral place where everyone can all state their fantasies, emotional issues, etc. in detail (anonymously or not) and then use that as a place to draw sexual inspiration and keep the peace in tact from. Organization is major, as there are too many strong and impetuous egos in the mix and a place where all can turn and not feel judged is a good start to keep this relationship grounded.

In terms of emotional issues, realize that as an Aries you know how to break new ground and obviously this sounds like a place where you will be doing a lot of it. However, do understand a partnership is already established and if you don’t want to rock their boat, know when to make an exit when you get your fill of the experience. As it goes, you and the Sag are both fire signs and this can create a lot of competitive energy and while this will also increase the sexual tensions nicely, it can also create a lot of emotional drama — and with a Gemini knowing how to play two sides of the fence quite nicely, it can make this house of cards come tumbling down very fast.

Plus, as it goes, you are not the sign known for the best sense of diplomacy, as you like to write your own rules and tend to make all them skew towards your victory. This means if you say what you mean, in terms of keeping this as a happy partnership, then this will mean controlling your own sense of dominance in being the alpha and know that when the honeymoon is over, to make your exit peacefully. Inevitably, with this combo, that will come up and if you mean what you say, then do what you mean.

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