10 Things We’d Like To Ask A Handsome Man

Esquire has created a series of instructional videos called “Ask A Beautiful Woman,” because, obvi, we babes know it all! From a DEA agent teaching “How To Fire A Hand Gun” to a supermodel heating things up with How To Grill The Perfect Steak, female experts are showing off their typically male-oriented skills. But what about the ladies? We’d like male eye candy to show us a thing or two…

We’d like to “Ask A Handsome Man” how to…

1. Lift weights and put on a gun show like Michelle Obama. Work it all out, hot stuff!
2. Properly hold a baby. Who isn’t a sucker for a cute dad? Okay, besides Papa Bach.
3. Tell your mother-in-law off. Sometimes, a girl’s gotta do it.
4. Cook a romantic dinner for two. The way to both a man and a woman’s heart is through the stomach.
5. Get into Spanx — purely for the sadistic value.
6. Sail a ship. Captains are so sexy from the tip of their hats to the bottom of their deck shoes.
7. Rescue a drowning swimmer — anything to get a guy wet and almost naked.
8. Iron a shirt to perfect, starchy perfection!
9. Run a marathon. Stars of track and field are beautiful people.
10. Drive a stick shift. Although, it might make me want to manhandle a stick in the backseat!