Where To Meet Him: The Guinness Factory

Last week, I was visiting a friend across the pond, and we made a stop at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. In a beautifully renovated building originally erected in 1904, we learned how Guinness beer is made, drank a few pints, and got picked up by two guys. When you think about it, the Guinness Storehouse, or any brewery, is a rather obvious place to meet men. Most men we know like beer, don’t they? Apparently not nearly as many women care about the making of a fine stout, because my two pals and I were in the minority. New visitors touring the factory every hour, so there’s plenty of fresh meat coming through if you wait around, sipping your beer like a lady.

Just be aware that like any warm-blooded man who enjoys downing beer, some of the guys touring the Guinness Storehouse can be a little too attentive to their primal needs. Case in point: This postcard left by one visitor: