Quickies!: Natasha Richardson Is Brain Dead, Male Sexuality Explained

  • Sadly, Natasha Richardson is reportedly going to be taken off life support. [FOXNews]
  • Christina Ricci and her “All’s Faire In Love” co-star, Owen Benjamin, are engaged. He doesn’t have much in the looks department, but at least they’ll have tall children if this isn’t a publicity stunt. [Perez Hilton]
  • Guy Ritchie had dinner with Elle Macpherson recently, and both were all smiles as they left the restaurant “separately.” What an upgrade, Guy! [Dlisted]
  • If every item of spring clothing you’ve seen so far is calling your name, then check out this list of absolute essentials. But we’re nixing backpacks because no fashionista older than 14 should have one. [Refinery 29]
  • A British family of four is too fat to work and the government pays them a combined 45,000 pounds annually in disability benefits. If the U.S. implemented this policy for our obese citizens, we’d be bankrupt in no time. [Asylum]
  • Porn, threesomes, and loneliness…No we’re not talking your Saturday night, we’re talking male sexuality. Here’s the scoop on what makes your man stand at attention. [Your Tango]