Psst! It’s Our Birthday!

The Frisky turns ONE today! Yay US! And yay YOU, for reading our lil’ site, commenting like crazy, and helping to make this such a great destination for women. In honor of this momentous occasion, check out what you, our dear readers, have been obsessed with for the last 365 days, according to the most read stories from The Frisky’s first year.1. Kiki T & Her FriskyScopes: The 2009 AstroGuide

2. Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin Sex Dolls, Sarah Palin Porn, Sarah Palin Paper Dolls, & Sarah Palin’s Hot Almost-Son-In-Law: Sarah Palin Sex Doll Now On Sale!, Sarah Palin Hustler Adult Video Exclusive, Who Is Levi Johnston Anyway?, and Trick Or Treat With Sarah Palin

3. Penises: Sound Off: What Would You Do With A Penis For A Day?, Seven Famous Penises In History, The Top 10 Male Nude Scenes Of 2008, 10 Types Of Penises

4. The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Big Poppa Rumors, Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Big Poppa Revealed, and Liveblogging The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

5. Turning 30: 30 Skills Every Woman Should Have Before Turning 30 and 30 Places To Have Sex Before You’re 30

6. Sex In Public: First Time For Everything: Sex On The Beach & Other Unlikely Places

7. Masturbating: Eight Homemade Sex Toys and Top Nine Songs About Self Love

8. What Guys Think: Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Do You Have Dating Age Restrictions? and Fantasies We Hope Never Come True

9. Cheerleading!: The Best Cheerleading Scandals

10. Pubic Hair: Feature: Leave It To My Beaver

11. Dating No-Nos: Romantic Gestures: What Makes Us Gag & What’s Truly Heartwarming and Dating Don’ts: How Not To Kiss

12. People Jumping Off Buildings: Girls Jumping Off Buildings Is The New Black

13. Men In Women’s Clothing: Fashion Emancipation: The Mantyhose

14. Constructing The Perfect Boyfriend: Your Next Boyfriend: The 100 Qualities He Should Possess

15. And Boyfriends That Suck: The 10 Worst Boyfriends Of 2009 and Nine Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist

16. Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus Dating Backup Dancer?

17. Polyamory: First Time For Everything: A Polyamorous Relationship

18. Models Crying: Quick Pic: Tears On Milan Runway

19. Orgasms: Size Apparently Really Does Matter

20. Vaginas: Name That Vajayjay: 40 Words For Every Situation