Natasha Richardson: Conflicting Reports On The Actress’ Condition After Her Skiing Accident

In what is certainly a very tragic story, multiple conflicting reports have hit the web about the actress’ condition. We’ve listed them, and their sources, but as soon as a confirmed report from her family and/or representatives is released, we’ll let you know.

  • Time Out New York is reporting that the actress has died as a result of her injuries, citing “sources close to Richardson’s family and friends.”
  • Perez Hilton initially posted that Richardson had been declared brain dead, but that post is gone and instead he is reporting that the actress has passed away.
  • The Huffington Post says that the actress is brain dead.
  • TMZ says the actress has been flown to a new hospital.
  • As of 1:45, both People and Us Weekly had not reported any news of the actress’ passing and have only reported that she is hospitalized in serious condition.
  • TMZ says that Richardson is sedated and that her brain is swelling, but she is not brain dead. I have to say, all this coverage of her condition is gross. I know I’m participating by posting it here, but when major new outlets are saying someone is dead, before any official statement has been made, well, that’s how bunk rumors are spread and I’d like to make sure you’ve got the real info. So yeah, that’s where things stand. I’m not gonna post any more info on this until someone says something official and truly hope Richardson pulls through. Gonna go wash my hands now.