What Are Your Biggest First Date Pet Peeves?

An internet market research company surveyed 3,000 people recently and asked them what they consider the 10 biggest first date faux pas. The answers were a bit surprising, but before you take a peek at them after the jump, think about what you consider first date faux pas. Someone who monopolizes the conversation? Won’t quit talking about past relationships? Makes racist, sexist remarks? Wants to debate every point you make? Wears cheap, overpowering cologne? Tries to maul you when he says good-night? Yeah, none of those made the list. See what did after the jump. 1. Clicking fingers at the waiter
2. Adding salt to the meal before tasting it
3. Getting drunk
4. Licking the plate clean
5. Burping
6. Picking teeth with fingers
7. Licking the knife
8. Slurping soup
9. Talking about sex or bodily functions
10. Not leaving a tip

Okay, most of these are definite turn-offs, for sure, but come on! Maybe the reason so many people are unhappily single is because they reject someone as soon as he adds salt to his meal before tasting it. And if getting drunk is a first date crime, lock me up and throw away the key! How else am I supposed to get through 3 hours of small talk? See, in my book, being boring or self-obsessed is a far greater offense than having bad table manners. And I’ll take a soup-slurper over a close-talker any day! What do you consider the biggest first date faux pas? [Telegraph U.K.]